New Horizons & Future Love Songs Part2ism

New Horizons & Future Love Songs was Part2isms first solo show since Artillery For Pleasure and was held at the Red Gallery Shoreditch. New Horizons & Future Love Songs fused sight & sound into one medium and encouraged the viewer/listener to investigate further, taking art & sound onto another dimension.

I caught up with Part2ism and asked him a few questions:

EC: New Horizons & Future Love Songs was predominantly abstract & sculptural, which is such a contrast to your collection in Artillery For Pleasure. Do the sculptures mark a change in direction for you emotionally as well as artistically? When I compare the two shows I see one  laid open, bare, almost visceral and with New Horizons & Future Love Songs I see intellectual, emotionally contained, almost secretive because you have to really look into the pieces to decode the message.

Part2ism: The Sculptures in the New Horizons show mark a change in direction on many levels for me. Artillery For Pleasure was 2009 & my work has been through several curves since then. I wouldn’t say the recent sculptural work is more intellectual or secretive but more personal maybe. I’ve always been as charged about my music as I have with my art, so it’s a way to join up the dots & take steps into another realm. When you evolve, you always seem to find it in places that were already within you already.

EC: You are often cited in the interviews (which I have browsed) as a pioneer… do you yourself see that or do you see yourself as someone who likes a challenge and once achieved moves onto something new?

Part2ism: I think it’s important with any project that you bring into fruition, to take it as new challenge & when the work makes it’s point then move on. You’ve completed the challenge when the point has been made & so you can only be on familiar ground from there on. Cited as a pioneer? That’s always a tricky predicament to be in, especially where your own ego is concerned. I suppose the best way to look at it is that we touch people with our work & those people go on to touch people with their own work. It’s a never ending cycle & the distribution of ideas & influence never end. Maybe I did pioneer a few things over the decades but most important of all is that I continue to produce work now! Ideas move on & new generations of artist’s with other ideas or approaches to your old idea will be seen at the forefront by new eyes not so briefed in history. We can’t continue to evolve living off an old reputation, we have to remain consistently pioneering.

EC: What has influenced you recently and impacted on the style of work you are currently absorbed in or thinking of doing in the future?

Part2ism: The recent work you’ve seen from the New Horizons show has been developing for over a year. I suppose I’ve done so much work over the last 3 decades that I’m starting to strip things down. It’s interesting how far I can take an idea by removing all the non essential elements. I’m trying to get down to the essence, make a stand against all the saturation surrounding us. In the future I want to make things bigger with less.

EC: Looking back over your career what have been the most defining moments for you personally on an artistic level?

Part2ism: Defining moments have always been the medicine for downfall I’ve found over the years. Every time you think you’ve achieved something you see it become a weaker asset as years go by. The best metaphor I can use would be lets say, an actor in Eastender’s or an X Factor winner. Your achievements place you as a kind of fiction in time.

EC: Is there a question you can ask yourself?

Part2ism: My biggest question seems to be a question I always ask myself these days & I keep getting the same answer. The question is, should I have an opinion? There are trillions plus opinions out there & I think to myself do I really need to add another one. I think opinions should be banned, which is an opinion in itself. Do you see my dilemma?

Big thanks To Part2ism for taking the time out to answer these questions and check out the film of the opening night by Jamal Peace…

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