Team Robbo & WRH Present Team Rex ‘Origin Of The Species’


A huge collective exhibition of works came together under one roof to make Team Robbo & WRH present Team Rex – ‘Origin Of The Species’ which was held at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch and it was, without doubt, a stand in awe moment for me. The sheer scale of work on display in one venue was inspiring and ambitious. This immense exhibition explored & exhibited the origins of graffiti, from New York subway art of the 80’s through it’s mutations over the decades and into its metamorphosis in the present day. Over 100 globally sourced artists contributed work to the show which ranged from canvas to sculpture right through to film. Mare 139 renowned painter and sculptor gave an intimate lecture on the eve of the opening night outlining the history of graffiti, the formation of letters and the influences which have shaped the present state of art on the streets, on the train tracks and in the galleries. This show really was a unique experience and to have such a varied collection of artists come together in one space felt like a historic and important moment in graffiti history in the UK.

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3 thoughts on “Team Robbo & WRH Present Team Rex ‘Origin Of The Species’

  1. annar_50 on said:

    goodluck with the blog

  2. nick anderson on said:

    Tremendous stuff, keeping me in the loop as always.

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