Take Me To The River…

I don’t venture across the river to South London more than two or three times a year, mainly because I can’t be bothered with the hassle of applying for a visa or slipping through customs but more often than not because I don’t want the headache of safely navigating my little car through the strung out traffic of London. Today I had to lunch with a friend so found myself in Dulwich.

During the torturous outbound journey I passed a nice residential building splashed with the instantly recognisable Remi/Rough, Augustine Kofie signature style and on the way back to the safety of my homeland I spotted a nicely executed wall by Shok-,1 Joker & Remi/Rough in a not so nice residential building…

With the Futurism 2.0 show at Blackall Studios on Thursday and a possible live paint at the weekend I suppose these guys are getting some practise in.

The Futurism 2.0 show runs from 27 September to 2 October at Blackall Studios and will include amongst others;Augustine Kofie Phil Ashcroft Boris Tellegen She One Matt W. Moore Mark Lyken Sat One Derek Bruno Moneyless Mr Jago Nawer O. Two Morten Andersen Part2ism Jaybo Monk Divine Styler Poesia Derm Jerry Inscoe Clemens Behr Remi/Rough Carlos Mare

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