It’s like a jungle sometimes…

While waiting for some photographs to arrive for another post which was scheduled for today I decided to take a quick drive this afternoon to have a look at what was happening a few streets away from where I live and literally felt as if I’d stumbled into a wild life sanctuary.

James Cochran aka Jimmy C

Andrrea Rock



I stepped out of the car to photograph Fin DAC as he painted a woman and a cat over what was a Cheshire Cat on Cheshire Street and further down the road on Hanbury Street Louis Masai Michel had just finished painting an Ethiopian Wolf and an African Cheetah over what was the controversial Mear One piece that was whitewashed last week.

Dscreet / Louis Masai Michel


Text reads: Less than 500 Ethiopian Wolves left in existence, 8.174,00 humans in London and 15,000 African Cheetah left, not sure what this correlation means; do we get rid of the humans in London?

I can’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow

Louis & Bug

Here is a human in London drawing on the wall and drinking cider, he was drawing with a broken pencil that didn’t work, what he was drawing wasn’t visible to me or anyone else but it was visible to him and it was something that made him happy.

When I finally returned home the post man had delivered a present from Pahnl (the print above in the header photograph ) which made me smile.

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