Talking Heads…

On the way to pick up some tickets for David Byrne in Conversation at the Curzon Cinema on Kings Rd I passed a head, the head was definitely not talking, it was just looking and it looked suspiciously like Snik’s work… and she was.

I really like the androgyny of this piece and although I have received lots of criticism lately for putting up so many photographs of art work with women’s faces (and animals) I thought this one definitely deserved to be seen, if that makes sense, or maybe I just need to stop making sense… and enjoy.

I asked Snik what the relevance of  ‘Teardrop’ is

Snik: It’s a mix of things; one: a personal challenge and two: to catch the attention of  train passengers on the daily commute. The look she has is the same gaze a majority of people have riding the trains, looking out the window at the world passing by, wondering, thinking, daydreaming. I thought it would be great to have someone looking back, if only for a split second, as they travel past.

Teardrop is a 5 layer stencil that took 3 months to cut and 48 hours to paint.

Very nice,  I could happily take in a few Teardrops on my daily journey on the road to nowhere (didn’t need to put that last one in but couldn’t help myself).

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2 thoughts on “Talking Heads…

  1. i like

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