Dale Grimshaw Studio Visit

I graced Dale Grimshaw’s studio today to get a taste of what he is whipping up for next weeks solo show show at Signal Gallery and my brief half hour visit quickly stretched into an afternoon talk covering topics such as consumerism, Swiss rolls, transsexuality and bulimia.

Moreish is Dale’s 5th solo show at Signal Gallery and the works in this show seem to be representing choices; choices which may be covetous or beyond our control, choices made for us by society which we consume passively, choices contradictory to our ethics yet which we are tempted by and choices which leave us feeling nauseous and empty.

 In these paintings Dale depicts a gluttony and an over feeding by society which has resulted in a bewildering sense of emptiness, a society saturated by such a deluge of choice that it has lost sight of what is nourishing and important.

Candy coated, duplicitous choices with detrimental side effects permeate our spiritual and global well being with promises of gratification and inner happiness before swiftly evaporating leaving us feeling duped, void and dangerously low on natural resources.

Hold up… I need to stop this ramble right here because in reality you may experience this feast of colour and this harvest of creative expression with a completely different palate than me. 

You may dine on the kaleidoscopic explosion of colour that embodies the rich indulgent desserts, all slowly dripping and oozing over wet skin and blending with dollops of blood red jam and warm whipped cream and you may find yourself salivating as your eyes devour this epicurean orgy and quite possibly you may even find yourself feeling moreish.

I only saw a glimpse of Moreish… an entreé if you like, the show opens 2nd November at Signal Gallery and I have already booked my table.

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One thought on “Dale Grimshaw Studio Visit

  1. great piece with amazing shots well done

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