Stinkfish ‘Espina’ at High Roller Society

Stinkfish at High Roller Society was where it was at for me tonight. Stinkfish is a Colombian artist who enjoys taking photographs of people when they are unaware that they are being photographed (I’m sure there is a medical term for this compulsion) which he then transforms into psychedelic murals with intricate patterns.

Stinkfish has experimented with a camera since he was a child and has taken thousands of photographs of people who remain anonymous and who have now become infamously anonymous on the streets through his work.

I like the thought that the people in these images are completely unaware that their faces brighten up the day of hundreds of thousands of citizens throughout the world as they pass by them on the way through their day.

In addition to the work on the walls the show contained an installation made by Stinkfish which looked remarkably like my great-grandfathers living room, I’m not sure which part of this installation was evocative of his room; the cluttered drawers and shelves full of junk, or the crumpled magazines and curiosities or it could have been the black & white photograph of the semi naked woman from the 1920’s pinned next to the one of a stocky middle aged woman with the pursed lips and Germanic eyes.

As well as taking his own photographs Stinkfish also scours flea markets for old discarded photographs which he then uses as inspiration, so throughout this show I was painfully aware of the fact that I was taking photographs of paintings of photographs…

The circle of life keeps on turning and maybe we really do capture peoples spirits when we take photographs because the people in these images continue inspiring and creating emotion in others whether they are still alive or not.

All the pieces in this show were painted on recycled materials, old crates, ripped hardboard, rusted metal and broken fences.

Espina runs until 11th November at High Roller Society  10 Palmers Road E2

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