Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Parking spaces generally dictate a lot of what I do and more often than not what I don’t photograph. Today, after failing miserably to secure myself a bay in Old Street I resorted to driving to Dalston, an area I hardly ever venture into for lots of different reasons (none of which I will go into here) and it was here in Dalston that I found this car park full of graffiti. It was a rather unsavoury car park so I remained in the car as an added safety measure.

The car park appeared to be Dscreets collab car park, practically every piece in there was a collaboration with Dscreet. I suppose car parks are like The Enchanted Kingdom to guys with a bag full of spray paint and an itch to scratch.

I headed back to Old Street, passing the NCP car park with Ben Murphy’s 7 storey high anti slavery piece made entirely from electrical tape and decided to drop into Pure Evil.

Pure Evil was all trains and tracks with the New York Kings show.

New York Kings runs at Pure Evil Gallery until 18 November ( I rarely run as I drive around a lot in my car), Leonard Street EC2 and features works from: COPE2 & INDIE 184, BLADE, STAY HIGH 149, SEN2, FUZZ ONE, BOM5, RD 357, EASY & JOZ.

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