James Kalinda, Centina, Kearney & Nelson

It was with increasing trepidation that I made my way up the 60 or more rickety stairs of a crumbling and decayed abandoned building to rendezvous with some Italians guys that I had never met before. Still physically weak after a 7 day bed stint my ascent up a flight of stairs with unstable banisters and life endangering carpet rise only compounded this unease more.

But I was met with a beautifully grotesque piece of art and half the cast of The Simpsons…


Italian artists James Kalinda and Centina paint in decaying and abandoned spaces, essentially making their art at one with its surroundings.  ‘Atroce’ is a 96 page book which charts their time working both the walls and the abandoned spaces. They are currently in the UK  for their first UK exhibition.

‘Atroce’  the book launch happens tomorrow and a small selection of original drawings & sketches will be available as well as some installation based  art in the basement.


6.00 – 10.00pm At Power Lunches 446 Kingsland Road London E8 4AE

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