Cranio Lost In London

Some gallery shows leave me feeling assaulted both visually and ethically. For me this sense of assault derives from the knowledge that the gallery or the artist (or both) have come to the conclusion that more art on display equals more cash in pocket.

Not so with Lost In London by Fabio Oliveira aka Cranio.

On display in this Zero Cool Gallery production is a very well made and thought out collection of works and rather than feel overwhelmed by rows and rows of mediocre work masquerading as polyfiller by lining the cracks on the walls I was really happy to find no more than 12 pieces which I could fully take in and appreciate.

The characters in these paintings are full of humour and awe, some definitely did look lost in London while others looked quite the opposite and would be trying to sell your life back to you after stealing it from you online just a week before.

I love the characters in these works, the detail, the playfulness, their childlike  joie de vivre and the colour palette is amazing.

Cranio Lost In London runs from 16th – 19th November at RedBull Studios Tooley Street.

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2 thoughts on “Cranio Lost In London

  1. Love this work! Wish I could see the show 😦

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