Anthony Lister Unslung Heroes Outsiders Gallery

Some days have a life of their own, today was one of those days. Initially I was meeting up with friends, taking a walk, having a pub lunch, but somehow, unintentionally it turned into Anthony Lister day, who we came across making another mural, yes another mural and this one had increased eye power.

Anthony seemed like a nice, albeit slightly hyperactive chap and after a brief chat during which he gave me a verbal warning that he may make me one of his “whip bitches”  (a term that I am unfamiliar with but which I am sure is a perfectly innocent Australian euphemism for honorary member of his fan club), we then made our way to The Outsiders Gallery because my friends, rather than me, just had to see his show.

Anthony Lister and his show reminded me of the 80’s, it could have been his double lensed sunglasses which were similar to a pair that I had in the 80’s or it could have been his similarities to a character in Less Than Zero which I read in the 80’s but more than likely it was the hint of shoulder pads and power dressing in the characters in his works in the gallery. I was surprised that I took to the work in this show because I really didn’t enjoy his work when he was last here in the UK a couple of years ago it seemed a bit empty and so I had kind of closed my senses off the the whole Lister hysteria of late but I have to say that the work in The Outsiders definitely has a lot more depth and well worth a visit.

Unslung Heroes at The Outsiders Gallery Greek Street WC1 runs until 22nd November.

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