Over Exposure

It’s easy to fall prey to over-exposure living in Shoreditch where it is literally an occupational hazard. Recently I have preferred the company of my sculptures and my family rather than the company of my camera and as a result I haven’t cycled, driven or walked through Shoreditch for around 2 months but this week I ventured out to meet friends and in the process passed through Brutal, Moniker Art Fair 13 and Graffik Gallery.

DSCN4853-003Brutal really wasn’t that brutal but it was incredibly dark so I amused myself by taking photographs of the differing light offered up by the deserted building which hosted the exhibition from the Lazarides Gallery.

DSCN4896-001 DSCN4901-001 DSCN4864-001

And at the Lookforart booth at Moniker Art Fair  I grabbed a random child to insert into The London Police and Zeus installation… just because I could. This years Moniker Art fair, unlike the previous years, was like an overcrowded cattle market heaving with people who were literally sweating like pigs in a trough.  Too much to see, more than enough to put me off,  I left before I started squealing.

DSCN4822-001 DSCN4834-001 DSCN4827-002 DSCN4816-001

Further West Graffik Gallery played park keeper to Pipsqueak was here! The gallery was closed but I crept in and ventured into the wooded area to peek through the holes bored into the timber …

DSCN4964-002 DSCN4969-001 DSCN4976-002 DSCN4977-001 DSCN4983-001 DSCN4931-003


In the end I had to remind myself that the thing with over exposure is that it isn’t balanced so naturally less is more and with that realisation lit up like a light bulb suspended above my head I skipped back East dodging the en masse advertising murals and paste-ups of Shoreditch, past the art fair flyers littering the streets and made my way back to home where I swiftly closed the door and pulled the blinds.

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