Life Drawing Stoke Newington Studios

Tonight I went indoors for art instead of outdoors and visited Stoke Newington Studios for their new weekly Life Drawing class… it was strange to use a pencil to draw with after 3 decades of not using one but it was fun and that’s what it’s all about. The studios is a space that is relaxed and supportive.


DSCN5283-002 DSCN5302-001 DSCN5303-001 DSCN5307-001

The class is organised by Anna Laurini, Art More and Morris Monroe and is softly paced with challenges you can choose to incorporate or not, I found the left-handed speed drawing challenge really enjoyable and I almost gave my left hand a high-five for pulling it off and surprising me with a piece of art that was far more superior than an earlier one that I had completed with my right hand.

DSCN5323-001 DSCN5324-001

I found drawing under time limits of 1 minute, then 2 minutes and then 5 minutes a stretch on my limited artistic capability’s but it aslo felt incredibly good to just let go and the model was an inspiration to draw… So here are my speed drawing results… after a lapse of 30 years I am actually quite happy with them.

DSCN5328-001 DSCN5332-002



Here is a link to some other amazing works that night:

click the link above for more information on Life Drawing at Stoke Newington Studios

3 Victorian Grove, N16 8EN London

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