The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover

If you are considering visiting an abandoned mental hospital in the dark of night with a tired young child take my advice and go see Santa’s grotto instead. My brief visit to St Clements Hospital on Mile End Rd to experience Lumen was spent mainly coaxing my son into rooms or shielding him from performers who he believed were out to eat him after chopping him up slowly with an axe.


My son is mildly phobic of spiders, so it was rather ominous that this Paul Insect installation was the first interaction we came across,  it was all down-hill after that.

DSCN5554-001 DSCN5556-001

But I loved Uliana Apatina‘s foiled rooms which perfectly captured and reflected a paranoid schizophrenics ideal choice in wallpaper after ingesting one too many vials of crack cocaine.

dr.dOn the way home I spotted dr.d up a ladder pasting a topical comment on the Saatchi v Lawson situation, I laughed till my son looked at me like I was a mad woman..

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